To create a chargeback against an Order in the Signifyd system, you need to record a Chargeback Event.

Within this call, Signifyd will create a single claim, along with the chargeback. Any fulfillments sent will be created for the order.

If the chargeback already exists in the Signifyd system, a duplicate chargeback exception will be raised and the chargeback will not be created or updated.

Multiple different chargebacks can be created against an order, dependent on the Signifyd team settings.

The response will contain a summary of the current state of the main Chargeback Case artifacts, namely Chargeback, Claim and Representment Summaries. A representment summary will only be returned if an unassigned representment was created.

According to the Signifyd team settings, an unassigned representment will be created if the team is covered for chargeback recovery or the team has given consent to full access.

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