This endpoint is designed to enable a merchant to record a change to the price of an order that the buyer did not initiate. For example, the order may need to be revised because the product that the buyer purchased is out-of-stock, and the merchant would like to substitute a new product.

This endpoint allows repricing without a revision to the original decision returned by Signifyd. For example, if the order has both FRAUD and INR coverage for $150, when you call this endpoint to reprice the order to $100, you will retain coverage for FRAUD and INR, but now for $100 instead. Your invoice will also be updated to reflect the new coverage amount.

This endpoint is not designed for buyers modifying their carts -- those events should be recorded as new Checkout events.

Orders can be updated a maximum of 100 times within 14 days of the order being placed. Any updates following the 100th update will result in an HTTP 400 response.

This is a special-access endpoint that must be enabled by your Implementation Manager. The 14-day window can also be extended on a case-by-case basis.

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