Getting Started

Integrating Signifyd on your online stores enables orders placed on your stores to be sent to Signifyd for Guaranteed Fraud Protection. This guide will cover the minimum components to build a successful asynchronous integration.

Signifyd uses machine learning to detect ecommerce fraud by using hundreds of data points, elastic linking and behavior data. To learn more about Signifyd’s process, visit our how it works page.

Order Flow Steps

Depending on your integration’s constraints, you may decide to submit orders for guarantee either pre or post authorization, and there are a few key differences to pay attention to.

1 Signifyd's device fingerprinting script and mobile SDK collect device and behavioral data as users shop on your online store. This occurs silently without affecting the load times or user experience of pages. Device and behavioral data is sent to Signifyd on page load while additional events are batched and sent via HTTP every 3 seconds.
2 Pre-Auth: When an order is placed on your online store, prior to sending the payment authorization to your payment processor use the Checkout API to submit the order and payment details to Signifyd for fraud review. Post-Auth: When an order is placed on your online store, after the order has been authorized by your payment processor use the Sale API to submit the order and transaction details to Signifyd for fraud review.
3 Signifyd reviews the order for fraud using machine learning, elastic linking, and data enrichment.
4 After the order is reviewed, Signifyd notifies your online store of the guarantee decision (typically approved or declined) through an synchronous response using HTTP POST or asynchronous via webhook. Synchronous responses are provided within hundreds of milliseconds without impacting your checkout experience.
5 When your store receives the webhook message, you can trigger automated workflows in your system based on your specific business needs e.g. capture the payment and ship the order or void the payment and cancel the order.
6 Pre-Auth: Use the Transaction API to submit the finalized order and transaction details to Signifyd.
Untitled Scoping & Planning Establish timeline & success criteria. Set up credentials. Review documentation and use cases. PLAN Development Test and Production credentials are provided. Add users. Complete data dictionary. Testing / Validation Validate use cases. Conduct workflow testing. Confirm processor access. Data Quality Verification Validate that all of the required data fields for decisioning are received by Signifyd. Identify any data quality issues. Burn In Signifyd will verify data quality, ensure models and decisions are processed correctly, and all workflows are functioning properly. SIGNIFYD STEP IN REVIEW Go Live Your integration is complete! Signifyd will provide Guaranteed Fraud Protection for any Approved orders. LIVE

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