Preparing Data

To submit an order from your online store to Signifyd for fraud review, you will start by creating an order using the Checkout API (Pre-Auth) or Sale API (Post-Auth).

Data Mapping

Before sending your orders to Signifyd you will need to properly map various data fields from your online store to the Signifyd order schema.

Order Schema

The Signifyd order schema is broken into a series of objects that correspond to different objects from your online store (products, transactions, shipments, etc). The following diagram depicts the Order schema:

Untitled 3 purchase ECOMMERCE SYSTEM ORDERS WEBSITE / DEVICE SIGNIFYD ORDERS shipments products recipient discountCodes transactions userAccount billingAddress seller PRODUCTS CUSTOMERS SHIPMENTS DISCOUNTS PAYMENTS SELLER ACCOUNTS SESSION ID deliveryAddress



If you process payments through, you can use the Signifyd integration to sync payment data automatically.

Mapping Order Data to the Signifyd Order Schema



We recommend downloading our field mapping document to keep track of which fields map to the Signifyd API request. This document can also be shared with other stakeholders or decision makers in your company.

  1. For each field in the Order schema identify the applicable field in your online store. Some data fields like payment information (AVS response code, bin, last4, etc.) may require additional development effort to collect and save.
  2. Map each field you plan to send to Signifyd to the appropriate field in the Order schema.


let order = Object.create()
order.checkoutId =
order.orderId =
order.device = Object.create( {
  clientIPAddress: self.ipAddress,
  sessionID: self.sessionId,



The Checkout, Transaction, and Sale APIs only require a few select fields to be present, however, we strongly recommend you provide all of the fields listed as needed in the API document to ensure the best guarantee decision.

Please consult your Implementation Manager if you are unable to provide a needed field.

Data Transformation

The Checkout, Transaction, and Sale APIs will require some field values to be provided in a specific format for the request to be accepted successfully.

  • Dates: must be in ISO 8601 format.
  • Countries: must be ISO 3166 format.
  • Currencies: must be ISO 4217 format.
  • Enums: order channel, shipper, shipping method, payment method, AVS response code, and CVV response code should use the predefined value.
  • Valid syntax: browser IP address, confirmation email, and account email should have a valid syntax and format.

For expected field values, field types, and formats please refer to the API documentation.



You can use the AVS and CVV response code reference sheet to determine how to map AVS and CVV response codes for specific payment gateways.

What’s Next